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Our company was established on 1950 initially in the form of a family business by Athanasios Bonis, son of Stylianos. It was active in the construction of specialized structures and machinery, such as stainless steel roller mills, used by food and beverage industries (Metaxas – Giotis – MELO corporations), equipment for bank branches, carpet and rug industries (ANATOLIA), etc.

After 29 years of specialization and knowhow in structures, through which the company achieved significant success in the Greek market, his son Stylianos undertook the management of the company and in 1979 the company entered the market of greenhouse structures and frames.

After several years of specialization in the Agricultural market, earning the pertinent knowhow, Athanasios Bonis, the son of Stylianos, set up METAPLAST on 1993 as an industrial company, active in the construction of plastic – metal structures and greenhouse accessories.

METALPLAST specializes in manufacturing film fixing and holding systems for greenhouse roofs (plastic clips).

As a result of its success in the field of greenhouse equipment and its international collaborations, METALPLAST has internationally registered logos, trademarks and product names.

The objective of METALPLAST is to resolve any problem in greenhouse units with the minimum possible cost of repair.

METALPLAST headquarters are located in private facilities in Neo Monomati, Acharnes, Attica. The company has three production lines, including extruder machines and injection mould machines, while constantly investing in research and development.

METALPLAST is active in the following fields:

· Greenhouse film fixing systems (clips)

· Greenhouse window assembly systems

· Accessories for assembling greenhouse frames, such as collars, couplers, racks, electric reducers for windows, etc.

· Nets for shadowing, protection and insect-keeping

· Textiles covering and protecting the soil against weeds

· Various consumables and any accessory concerning frames, and the cover and protection of greenhouse units.


1 Damaskiniou & Katevasias Street 13671, Acharnes Athens, Greece View Map

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